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FP&A using Software Sensors

Journey of Predictive Signals for Identifying, capturing & delivering Value

The foundational idea driving Softsensor.Ai lies in its core of building & deploying Software Sensors in Organisations to not only detect and identify early predictive signals for value creation but utilize them effectively by embedding them in a technological core of the organization.

Today decision making information needs to be captured from multiple integrated systems, processed using sophisticated methods, annotated, combined with the right commercial story, and utilized in organizational systems and processes on a continuous basis. We strive in delivering continuous and sustainable value to our clients using information from core FP&A systems and deploy them to benefit the visibility across the organization. 

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Our Team

We are one of the few organizations whose founders have traversed a 25+ years journey of the organizational need of reliable, timely, and analytical signals for decision making be it from the days of primary data to the current edge of PetaBytes of data. We believe in leveraging our strong capabilities in finance and technology to deliver accurate results in no time. Our experts have experience across leadership roles in reputed organizations like Ernst & Young, BNY Melon, Accenture, and many more. 

Our team of financial analysts and ML engineers is extremely high-powered & collaborative, highly agile, and serves across a global delivery model.


Our Value Creation Model

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